Mobile wallets are built for global people


Technology has changed our world. 25 years ago, the idea of a small business reaching out to a global market was just fantasy. Likewise, sending money to your friend if they were 100 miles away was a challenge, never mind if they were on an adventure halfway around the world. The Internet and the mobile phone have changed all of that, and today, people shop globally, and stay in touch globally.

As global people, we have not just changed how we see the world around us, but also how we use money. Mobile wallets are not just a gimmick from your phone manufacturer, they are a tool that supports our global way of life. There are several benefits to mobile wallets that you are probably aware of, most obvious is the fact you don’t need to carry a dozen cards with you everywhere you go. Instead, you can keep them all on your phone, and because we all take our phones everywhere anyway, your wallet takes up no extra space.



But it’s not just that. With no cards to worry about losing, it is  more secure too. When you are in a foreign country, dealing with local currency can be confusing, especially when it’s a couple of dollars’ worth for a drink, but your mobile wallet also deals with that. Quick payments, the mobile wallet takes care of the currency for you, and no need to have loads of change in your pocket all the time.


There are several mobile wallet options available today that offer a host of features.


BigPay focuses  on the Southeast Asian market.  It provides a complete banking solution as well as digital payments through its card. This in turn allows the unbanked to create a complete money management profile as well as convenient payments, delivering a low cost, easily managed payment solution.


Wechat Pay

Wechat is a name that many will recognise as a messaging service, but it is much more than that. It also incorporates a comprehensive mobile wallet. The enables fast transfer of money to friends, easy payment for Internet purchases and pay for a variety  of things, including utility bills, cab fares, train and flight tickets, as well as investments.



GrabPay is another mobile wallet with extras, seamlessly integrated into the Grab range of products, including Grab Rides and Grab Food, with one-touch payments for all your transport and food needs.


These three and others are redefining what we think of as mobile wallets, adding extra features and benefits that encompass all our spending when out and about. They all work seamlessly with Tranglo too, enabling fast cross-border payments and money transfer. As global people, we need global payments, and Tranglo enable that for us through cutting-edge technology.

Sign up to Tranglo today and combine the power of fintech with the convenience of mobile wallets to deliver cross-border payments and money transfers. Wherever you are, let your money be borderless with Tranglo.


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